Kurapika's clan was Kurta. That's why people sometimes say Kurapika Kurta, although it's never been official


yup! i know that much, i dont think he needs a surname though

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Is is just me or do the women tend to notice Killua the most? Canary, Senritsu, Bisky... The guys tend to either focus more on Gon or equally on both boys. The women usually start with an equal regard for both, but get better interaction with Killua than they do Gon. Even Palm gets more meaningful interaction with Killua than she does with any other character. Why would that be a thing?



gon’s attitude towards women is usually very polite and gentlemanly, he is respectful to them and because he is like this to women sometimes he isnt very honest with them, for example, when he was nice to palm so she wouldnt get mad while they were staying with her. so, i think this behaviour acts as a barrier to get to know him better

killua in the other hand is very honest with them but he is also rude. thats the complete opposite from gon

and when someone says something rude to you you get a stronger reaction than when someone is being polite to you, for instance if you get told something rude you will most likely say something back, like this an argument will start and you will learn more from the other person. but when someones polite and nice to you you just say “thanks” and that would be it.

this way women get to know killua a lot better than gon therefore the interactions between them are more honest and closer. plus, people admire gon’s friendship with killua and killua’s care for gon is more obvious to them and women seem to appreciate this

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That’s why they’re such great characters, because real people are walking contradictions too

its true i love them all so much because they are such exceptional characters…..

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Pretty sure Kurapika's surname is Kurta?


thats the surname the fans give him but it hasnt been mentioned yet

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leorio “i want all the money in the world so i can cure people for free” paladiknight

kurapika “a group of people killed my whole clan and i will avenge them even if it means i have to do the same” surname

killua “you have to learn from your mistakes but i cant let you do that since i dont want you to get hurt in the process” zoldyck

gon “there are things i want so badly in my life that i dont care if i have to give my life away in order to have them” freecss


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today’s episode was truly healing

i want killua to realize hes important

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are you going to draw more yandere killua sometime? It's always super delicious when you do that (not saying your art normally isn't though, because it is). Also I love your style, have you considered making a coloring tutorial or something sometime?? ^A^


perhaps, i have been in a fluffy mood these past few weeks so i havent gotten to it yet but i know i will draw something eventually

and actually yes, i have! i remember someone mentioned it long time ago, i dont really know how to make tutorials but. i should try

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remember when killua looked like this