headcanon: sometimes gon and killua hold hands and there are times when killua’s grip on gon’s hand becomes too tight without him realizing it because gon’s hand is so warm and so different from that hand he held one day next to a hospital bed

If nothing else it creates the impression Killua feels like he doesn’t deserve the hug and wasn’t expecting to be greeted so fondly which is interesting in a sad way

well that makes sense considering he forgot about her for quite a long time, but, idk the thing they did with the arm kinda ruined the feeling of this scene, in the manga it looks as if alluka jumps to him and killua catches her and this creates a very different atmosphere

They probably misunderstood because at first I thought allukas clothes in the manga were killuas arm

i dont know it seems very clear to me, you can even see his right hand under her hair :^( i dont know hes looking at her for the first time in ages at least he could, hug her back you know,

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why isnt he hugging her in the anime. why did you do this

found this thing from last year, it was my first time drawing the kids

I think I saw another anon ask about you maybe opening a shop and I wanted to let ya know I'd love to buy something from you too!! I hope you consider doing it!


yeah i was thinking about this some weeks ago and sadly i dont think i can afford selling tangible things;; but maybe i will open comissions or something when i have more time

i like these clothes for him

i like these clothes for him


i made an inspiration blog, theres some art some plants and buildings

feel free to take a look if you like those things!

(#guro, #body horror and some nsfw though its all illustrated)

Hibi Goes To Bird School

not bird school again no m,ore Bird School please

sorry.. It was a joke because of the anon that asked about myanimelist.. and you love hxh... which nothing wrong with that at all.. I love hxh too.. sorry bad at jokes



but yeah those are the only ones that matter who even needs mal if youve already seen both u dont need anything else

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